New Look 6298 Braided Collar

I finished this project; New Look 6298 View C with braided collar.

I wanted to make a dress with a snood, but I didn't have enough fabric to make one! So I made a detachable collar instead.
This is How to make a braided collar:
Step 1: Please cut the fabric into 3 pieces with each piece being 3 inches wide and 1 3/8 yards long. Sew both sides facing each other. The seam is allowed to be off by 0.4 inches. Then turn it right-side out.
Step 2: Weave a braid

 Step 3: Hide the end of the braids. Intertwine one of the braids through the tube of another braid.
Step 4: Sew 5 small loops on collar and 5 buttons on the neckline.  

It can be worn basic style, I like it too.If you will use thick fabric, I don't recommend that sew braided collar on the neckline directly...It's too hard to wash and dry! I have huge amounts of fabric leftover! I don't want  to keep increasing small piece of cloth. But this idea is useful, I think.

I love the simple design and comfort. I would recommend this pattern, very useful and super easy to make! I think it looks good on everyone. I'm definitely sewing this again.

Fabric: 45" 2 3/8
Total time spent: 6hours


  1. Beautiful and so elegant!

  2. Like the braided collar

  3. Like the braided collar

  4. Thank you, dear mevlüde Turk:)))

  5. Anonymous9/17/2016

    What a great ideas to design this collar. Looks very nice. Abbeysews

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog, Abbeysews. I am flattered. I love the collar too:)))