New Look 6298 Hooded Dress

Finished Project ;New Look 6298 View C.

New Look 6298 Braided Collar

I finished this project; New Look 6298 View C with braided collar.

Vogue8723 Monstera Print Dress

Hi there! I recently love Hawaiian fabric.

Self Drafted Liberty Strawberry Thief Dress

I love this fabric and the pattern. 

New Look 6802 Looped Front Dress

Hi there! Here is New Look 6802. I made up a lavender dress…

Simplicity2416 Escargot Skirt

Here is Simplicity2416. This pattern is very lovely.
I call "Escargot skirt" in Japanese, but I don't know what its called in English.

Welcome to my blog!

This is my first attempt at blogging so you'll have to be patient with me.
Thanks for visiting me here. I've decided to start this blog as a place to display what I'm currently working on for sewing, knitting, and making jewelry. In my next post, I'll talk about my interests and my favorite hobby. I am looking forward to seeing you.