August 18, 2016

Vogue 1308 and Vogue 1245 Draped Sleeves Jumpsuit

Hello! It's quite hot every day. I wouldn't wear a heavy outfit in summer. What is the temperature now? Wow! It's as high as my body temperature! Unbelievable! This jumpsuit is ultra comfortable to wear the hot summer.

I'm really bad at getting up early in summer (Winter too!). Jumpsuits help me to decide which clothes I choose in busy morning. I really wanted to make a jumpsuit with an off shoulder, but I couldn't find an appropriate pattern. I decided to combine two Vogue patterns; Vogue 1308 and Vogue 1245. I have made some jumpsuits with Vogue 1308, but it was the first time that I used Vogue 1245. They are great pattern, I think.

I made this blouse as a trial. I used a cheap polyester (Per one meter  JPY100yen=USD1). This fabric is too hard to use with this design. To be honest, I don't like it and never wear it in public. I didn't mind, because I don't wear a blouse with polyester 100% in summer. However, I love the design; the draped sleeves are especially cute.

I made the jumpsuit with linen chambray. I think it's hard to see from the photos, this fabric shines a little. This linen jumpsuit was set off against the strong sunshine. This linen is very light and soft. These big draped sleeves are easier for air to circulate.
I cut a size S (Top) and 8-10 (Pants). I sewed the pants parts to an inch under the waistline of the blouse together. I tied a bow belt around the waist, and also used an elastic band around the waistline. So it will prevent the pants to slip down if the knot is loose.
I think the model in the envelope (Vogue1380) is wearing a size 6-8. I cut a size 8-10, but my pants are bigger and wider than the model is wearing. I had to take about an inch out of each leg.

I used two patterns reluctantly, but I am happy with the jumpsuit. I love the both patterns. This jumpsuit keeps me cool in dry heat and humidity. 

I hope you have a great summer! Thank you for reading!

Total time spent: 5 hours (Blouse), 8 hours (Jumpsuit)
Fabric: 45" 3yd (Blouse), 60" 3yd (Jumpsuit)

August 3, 2016

McCall's 7392 Button Front Denim Skirt

I wanted a simple white maxi skirt to wear for summer, so I picked up McCall's pattern 7392. I made the white maxi skirt and the red knee length skirt with this pattern.

I've had my eye on McCall's 7392 since it went on sale. This pattern has been waiting for me to make it. I really love the front button skirt. I would like to make one with mustard suede for fall.

I made this skirt with a white stretch denim. I cut a size 8 (I used view D), based on the finished measurement. It's a perfect fit for me. I was worried about my underwear showing through the skirt, so I added a thin cotton lining. I cut the hem off the bottom of skirt because it frayed and distressed the hem.
I wanted to make a suspender with the leftover fabric, but there wasn't enough. Therefore, I made the removable neck tie with a sliding buckle. It's total length is about 1 1/8yd. 

This tie reminded me of a kitchen apron slightly. Haha.
I shortened the distance between the buttons, because the front opening of the skirt opened a little when I sit on a chair.
I don't want to show my tummy^ _^ ;

Here is the knee length version (I used view C). 

I made it with a non-stretch red denim. 
I sewed on some square buttons, they match the red denim. I didn't make a top buttonhole, so I sewed the hook instead. 

I thought the off shoulder tops might go well with the skirts. I made these tops from Japanese sewing books. I am happy with the both styles.

I love the pattern. However it has many parts, so it's difficult to adjust size after finished. If you make one, I recommend you that check the measurement before you sew the waist band to the skirt parts. 
It took a long time but it's worth a try! I will definitely make another one.

Fabric: White denim  2 1/8 yd. Red denim 1 1/2 yd. 
Total time spent: 8 hours

July 22, 2016

Ninja Dress and Ninja Tunic

These garments are called "Ninja dress" and "Ninja tunic". I drew this pattern by myself, it's the one of my favourite patterns.
Drawing this pattern is very easy!

Wow! They are too sexy as ninjas! These pictures show that Japanese finalists of the Miss Universe pageant are beautiful.
I drew the pattern by creating an image of a female ninja. I don't know if the female ninja is an actual person or not, for I have never seen her (^-^;)
 How to make these garments are very similar the "Liberty Strawberry Thief Dress" ( I post the review before).

※Pattern and instructions. Click the image: you can see original size.

I made this dress with a cotton chambray, printed by Liberty "Ros". I usually take 10 hours to make a dress, but this dress only took 7hours. I had a lot of fun while I sewed it!

Next, this is the tunic version. I made it a few years ago, but I don't remember how many times I wore it. I made it with Liberty tana lawn "Strike". This fabric is printed a lots of little matches! It's very unique and cute. I bought this fabric from Shaukat. I wanted this fabric, but unfortunately, it was out of stock in Japan. Therefore, I ordered it from the store. However, I don't want to purchase from Shaukat because the tendency of weak Yen in Japan in recent years. I'm sad...
It's very easy to make the dress and the tunic. Please try to make it! 

Fabric: Liberty: Dress version 45" 2 1/2yd. Tunic version 45" 2 1/8yd.
Total time spent: 7 hours

July 11, 2016

McCall's 6600 Polo Shrit Dress

I made a polo shirt and polo shirt dress.
Last year, I bought the dark navy and bright green knits for making a polo shirt, but I couldn't find a good fabric for the collar. It seems any color of fabric doesn't match these fabrics! I changed my mind and used a fabric from my stash.
I used McCall's 6600 for the first time in two years. This pattern is simple shirt dress pattern.  I decided to use the knit and Liberty Tana lawn: "Capel". I made a modified version of view A. I changed it from a basic shirt dress to a polo shirt dress. I shortened the sleeves and skirt length. I love these fabric combo and the A-line dress. It is so sporty and modern.
This dress is very good for hot summer!

This shirt looks like basic polo shirt but I made it with McCall's 6600!

Can you see the kitty is hiding? I named the shirt "Hello-Kitty polo".
This pattern is Liberty of London and Hello Kitty combined, name is "Kakurenbo" (It means hide-and-seek). This fabrics are sold from Liberty Japan. I really love the Hello Kitty! If I were a girl, I would make the dress with that Hello-Kitty fabric! This polo shirt makes me smile when I wear it ^_^
I changed the designs a lot. I omitted to make the back yoke. I took up the shoulders by an inch and both sides of bodice by a few inches. Many different styles can be arranged from this basic pattern. I think it's a great pattern.

Last weekend, I went to the museum to see some artworks and an exhibition. The red kimono and the giant tapestry in these photos are made from cow leather. These works are painted with crayons...It's fantastic! I wore the Hello-Kitty polo during the short trip, it fit just right and was really easy to move.

Fabric:  60" 1 3/8 (Navy), 60" 1 1/8(Green)
Total time spent: 8 hours