Vogue8723 Monstera Print Dress

Hi there! I recently love Hawaiian fabric.

I traveled to Orlando with my husband for 10 days. I went to Orlando for the first time in five years, it was my 3rd time going there. I checked the temperature in Orlando before my trip, it was like summer! I made a summer dress for this trip and used a Vogue8723.
I really love Vogue8723, because this pattern with separate pattern pieces provided for A, B, C, and D cup sizes. This dress fits me very well. When I bend forward, never expose bras. It has side seam pockets and lining, very useful. I might try to sew with the tweed for autumn.

I used polyester cotton,45" Wide 2 1/4  of fabric.I used  thick and stiff fabrics to create a puffy skirt.I bought it from Hawaiian store onRakuten.I love the Hawaiian border and big Monstera print.

When I returned to Japan, I was so surprised! SO COLD! Autumn has certainly arrived while I stayed in Orlando. This is the last that I made summer clothes this year. I would like to sew autumn clothes next time...When will this summer end for me?
Fabric: 45" 2 1/4
Lining: 45" 2 1/8
Total time spent: 10hours


  1. I love the dress and the fabric you chose. The look is very sophisticated.
    I hope you had a great time in Orlando. I live in the US, but believe it or not, I've never been to Orlando.

    1. Thank you!I really enjoyed in Orlando!But I moved from a cold place to a warm place,I had taken cold.
      Unbelievable,you've been to Orlando?That's interesting!