Simplicity2416 Escargot Skirt

Here is Simplicity2416. This pattern is very lovely.
I call "Escargot skirt" in Japanese, but I don't know what its called in English.

I made a view A (maxi skirt version) last year. This pattern was the first time that I tried the Simplicity pattern. I almost didn't rely on the instructions, I could make it without instructions. It was very easy to make than I thought.

The skirt made from rough linen-cotton fabric. I cut a smallest size, the envelop says for 60 Inches Wide 3" 5/8 yards, but I had only 50 inches Wide 3" 1/4 yards, I barely made it. The most annoying part was matching the back and front skirt pieces. I checked this part again and again. Phew!
I may try it again with a suede fabric for winter, but  I don't want to cut and sew 14pieces again... it was a tough job!!! If you try the pattern, I recommend that you number each pieces well, as some parts look very similar (Making the skirt took a looooot of time by my mistaking). I also think soft and light fabric is better, because it makes a beautiful drape, and this pattern needs a lot of fabric.

The skirt matches my sneakers (by ras) . I really love  ras and buy a pair of ras's shoes every year.

I don't remember how many times I wore it. I wear this skirt in seasons other than winter. It's VERY useful pattern.

Fabric: 50" 3 1/4
Total time spent: 8hours 


  1. Very nice! In English, you could say "snail" instead of escargot. However, escargot sounds prettier, I think.

    1. Thanks,kushami!I really want to know what its called in English.I couldn't find it on the net.Snail?Oh,close!