Simplicity 2285 Faux Fur Pom-Pom Vest

Winter is back again! I guess it will be spring soon, but it's still very cold this week! I thought it was too late to make a faux fur vest! ...I'm glad I can wear it now :)

I made the faux fur pom-pom vest and basic vest from Simplicity 2285.

 The old-fashioned coat has completely transformed!
 I purchased the coat from a secondhand-shop, because I bought it for re-use to make a vest. It looked astonishingly real. The fur fabric that is sold in craft shops isn't cheap. It might even be more expensive than the used coat. I could get the coat at unbelievably low prices.


First, I cut apart all parts of the coat and the vest pieces from the coat pieces (I took the vest bodice from the coat bodice pieces, and the hood from the coat sleeve pieces).
Originally, the vest pattern has a stand collar, but I wanted to wear it over the jacket, so I omitted it to make a conventional collar.
I made a removable hood with pom-poms, and added velvet to the other side of the hood. I sewed small loops and buttons on the neckline for taking the hood.  

I made a small size; however I feel the shoulders are too wide for me. I took off the both shoulders by an inch. Additionally, I shorten the length by eight inches and took both sides of the waistline by two inches.
If you would like to wear it over the jacket, I recommend you make wider armholes than normal size because it's easy to move in.

I love both styles! I wore it with a denim jacket in the photos; it was very warm! This style goes well with a leather jacket too. I think the basic version is very useful.
I will wear the pom-pom vest with T-shirts in fall. I guess it's so cute.
Making pom-poms is very fun! I have much these leftover, so I will make some accessories.

Fabric: Used coat
Total time spent: 12 hours


  1. This is fabulous ,Eli- great up-cycling! (the blossom is out early isn't it?)

  2. Thank you sarah! I think the tree is early cherry blossom :)

  3. Beautiful vest! It was so worth all the dust in your sewing studio!!

  4. Super! super! Applause.

    1. Thank you, aysel! I am flatterd!