Butterick 6143 Classic Coat

I make multiple new coats every year and this is the first coat of this year. I used Butterick 6143.

I was inspired by this prada coat, it's classy and cute! I looked for a nice pattern that I wanted to make, eventually I chose one like what is in the photo. I completely forgot to keep Butterick 6143. Oh, it's pretty match for my project! I'm really glad I purchased it, because it is a great addition to my wardrobe.
I've worn it a few times already, it's quite cold in the middle of winter. I wear it as a dress coat without fur collar. This coat is good when I'm indoors.
I was going to wear this coat with a skirt but it goes well with denim too. I wear denim a lot, it's terrific.
The only difficult part was making a round collar, the upper fabric and the lower fabric slipped against each other while I sewed, because I used very soft tweed. So I basted stitches all over the collar. Even though I took great care to stick the pins in, I couldn't match the plaids...Ummmm:((( It took a great deal of time to baste these areas, and I was so tired.
I didn't change too much of the design. I shorten bodice by an inch and added belt loops. I made a removable fur collar and a belt. This fur collar is what I threw out the old coat with, so I kept and remade it.

I love this classic coat. I probably will sew a new coat again when spring arrives. I look forward to make it.

Fabric: 60" 2 7/8
Total time spent: 25hours, PHEW!


  1. Eli Cat,
    This coat is amazing! Your fabric is even better than the sample. And you are lovely model;)
    About the work, I only can say it's wonderful! You are very skillful sewist. And those corners on the collar are the most difficult part. I never tried basting it, it would've been hard to sew when is basted. Congrats on this project!
    I've actually just published video tutorial how to make detachable fur collar;)
    How you did your loops?


    1. Hello, Mariana,
      Thank you, I am really glad to hear that!
      Yeah, I've just watched your video! I was so surprised that you like Pro TV character:) I really think you did great job,esp. your directions. Easy to understand. I'm inspired by your blog, I will use the technique so thanks for helping me save my old sweater;)

  2. The coat is perfect! I'd love to be able to make such things. Tomorrow I'm having my second sewing class, but I don't seem to be talented in this area ;-) I guess things like shortening some trousers will be enough for me. Greetings from Poland

    1. Welcome to my blog! Thank you for visiting my blog. I had sewing class before too, I'm really interested in your class. I imagine that Polish notions are really cute:) I love your jewelry, I especially like the use of colours. I'm looking forward your new jewelry.

  3. Amazing!!!

    Since the Widows of Culloden, 2006 McQueen show I'm in love with wool-blends, tweed jackets, coats, British style.

    It's definitely on my list to make one day a cool tweed coat like yours.
    Insanely beautiful!

    1. Thank you Réka, your name is very pretty:)
      I'm glad of you like it! I really love tweed fabric too!

  4. J'aimerai bien! trés joli!!!

  5. Spectacular! SSB - https://www.facebook.com/SassySewingBees