Self Drafted Muu Muu

I made a floral muu muu.

I went to Spa Resort Hawaiians with my husband.Spa Resort Hawaiians is a Hawaiian-themed water park; indoor pools, hot springs, hotels and restaurants e.t.c...I especially love Hawaiian dance performances!
Many guests spend time in their Hawaiian clothes. My husband has Aloha shirts which bought in Hawaii. What should I wear? Ummm....

I looked for a muu muu pattern but I didn't have enough time to order it from Amazon. I found a good book in the local library! But all the dress patterns had a zipper...I wanted a muu muu because it is easy to pull on over the head. I planned to wear it while out of the pool so I don't want to use a zipper. I drew the dress pattern myself at least.
Here's simplified patterns and instruction.

Click the image:you can see original size.

This dress can be worn off the shoulders. I will wear it as a house clothes. It's very easy and fun to make! Please try it ;)

Fabric: 45" 2 3/4
Total time spent: 8hours


  1. I love it, I'm getting ready to go on a cruise and this would be the perfect outfit to take with me, so I'm gonna give it a shot and see if I can make I've been trying to find one without a zipper too. Thank you so much for sharing and I will let you know how it comes out I'll have to make it a large though.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment!
      I really wanted loose-fitting and pullover dress for my trip,It was usuful dress.Sizing is very forgiving and feels so comfotble.
      If you do make one please tell me how you like it.I hope you will have a wonderful time on your cruise.

  2. I must admit, Eli cat, you have an eye for the colours! Great fabric for a Hawaiians Resort!
    You did great job with the dress and with this lovely blog posts;)

    1. MARIANA,Thank you for praising me,I am so happy!I acually wanted a bright colored dress,but these colors don't look good on
      me.It's getting cold these days,I need warm clothes soon.